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Xintiandi marks a sea change in Shanghai’s urban development policies. Rather than razing a block of dilapidated shikumen, or “stone gate,” homes, the Shanghai government, in cooperation with real estate development firm Shui On, commissioned American architect Ben Wood to redesign and renovate them. The end result is an upscale nightlife, dining and shopping hub. It’s a popular spot for Shanghai’s well-heeled residents as well as the tour coach set. And they’re here as much for the shopping as the history, because, in a priceless twist of irony, this center of outright consumerism is also home to the site of the First Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. It's something of a pilgrimage site for patriotic types.

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  • The Bund

    The Bund

    If you were to take a postcard snapshot of Shanghai, The Bund is where you'd go. Stately and taciturn, it comprises more than ten blocks of architectural relics from Shanghai’s days as a treaty port. In its heyday, this riverside district was the city’s commercial and financial center, home to foreign-owned banks, trading houses, luxury hotels and gentlemen’s clubs. For nearly four decades, much of it lay dormant as state-owned properties until 1999, when the opening of the restaurant M on the Bund sparked a real estate development renaissance. Today, The Bund is home to some of Shanghai’s poshest restaurants and nightclubs as well as some of its swankest hotels. The waterfront promenade is also a perennial favorite for casual strolls and photo opps.

  • Lu Jia Zui

    Lu Jia Zui

    Across the Huangpu River, Lujiazui thrusts brazenly up to the heavens. 30 years ago, this district was nothing more than marshes and rice paddies. Today, it’s home to one of Asia’s most audacious skylines. Here you’ll find three of the city’s most distinctive structures: The 468 meter-high spire of spheres and cylinders known as Oriental Pearl Tower, the 88-floor pagoda-themed Jinmao Tower and the bottle opener-shaped Shanghai World Financial Center, the world’s fourth tallest building. Soon to join them is a third skyscraper, the Shanghai Tower, which, when completed in 2014, will be second in height only to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

  • Yu Garden

    Yu Garden

    Once a colorful, cacophonous warren of lane houses, Shanghai’s old quarter has largely fallen victim to the wrecking ball. But the heart of it, the Yu Garden Bazaar, still remains largely intact. This is your go-to place for Shanghai souvenirs – everything from jade bangles to dragon kites to ornamental chopsticks. It’s also a convenient place to tick a few boxes on your “Must Eat” list. You can sample Shanghai’s signature soup dumplings at Nanxiang Mantou or eat at Lu Bo Lang, where Shanghai's leaders treat foreign dignitaries like Bill Clinton to dinner. Of course, if that sounds too exotic, the place is dotted with familiar Western chains like Starbucks, KFC and McDonald‘s as well. Be sure to take a stroll through the elegant Ming Dynasty-era garden in the center of the bazaar.

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    Vins Descombe is a family owned company which has existed since 1905. For four generations Vins Descombe’s family have been dedicated to the passion of wine. Our wine is an achievement of talent, experience and hard work over hundred years. French wine is recognized as the world’s best, and it has been becoming more popular in Chinese market. The forth generation company owner, Florent DESCOMBE is confident to extend our French wine business in Chinese market. The chinese franchise was established in Shanghai in 2007, and is 100% French owned. Now we have one shop located in No. 390 Dagu Road, Shanghai, which exclusively sells French wine and spirits, and hosts periodic wine tastings. As a professional French wine importer and distributor, we provide including import, wholesale, retail and expertise. All the imports come directly from France; there is no agent or commissionaire between the winemakers and the client. All products are rigorously selected in France, and then exclusively transported in constant temperature containers from our French wine-growers to our warehouses in Shanghai. Our commitment is to supply wines with the exact same quality that can be found in France. "Where the French lifestyle is real" is what Vins Descombe has focused on, as well as the manner of managing an enterprise’s reputation and international operation. We look forward to sharing our long history of French wine and French culture with our China consumers.

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