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  • Family Li Imperial Cuisine

    1/F, 500 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, by Beijing Dong Lu
    ??ɽ??һ·500??1¥, ????????·

    021-5308 8071

    Rich in culinary history, this restaurant uses recipes which fed the last emperor and survived three wars. The food itself is understated and very elegant. Expect to pay handsomely. more»

  • Fook Lam Moon

    2/F, Tower 1, 33 Fu Cheng Lu, Pudong ShangriLa Hotel,

    021-5877 3786

    Luxurious Cantonese restaurant renowned for its premium seafood dishes. more»

  • Gui Hua Lou

    1/F, Tower1, Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, 33 Fucheng Lu, by Yingcheng Dong Lu
    ????·33???ֶ??????????Ƶ?1¥, ?????Ƕ?·

    021-5888 3697

    A meld of Shangri-la's impeccable service and well-made Sichuanese, Shanghainese and Cantonese cuisine. more»

  • The Crystal Garden

    The Westin Bund Center Shanghai, 88 Henan Zhong Lu, by Guangdong Lu, Metro Line 2 Nanjing Dong Lu Station

    021-6335 0577

    Choose from a selection of Asian delicacies at this three-in-one restaurant that has full Japanese, Cantonese, and Thai menus. Specialties include sharks fin dumplings, rice with green tea and crabmea... more»

  • Kafer by the Binjiang One

    Fucheng Lu by Shibu Jie

    021-5877 7500

    The company that brought you Paulaner and Ambrosia have teamed up with Kafer to create a high-end Continental dining experience, located in an beautiful renovated building. more»

  • UltraViolet

    Somewhere in Shanghai, need reservation, meet in Mr & Mrs Bund
    ?Ϻ?ij????????ǰԤԼ????Mr & Mrs Bund???????

    Conceived by Paul Pairet for over 15 years, Ultraviolet is the first restaurant of its kind attempting to unite food with multi-sensorial technologies in order to create a fully immersive dining exper... more»

  • Dining Room

    87/F, Shanghai World Financial Center, 100 Shiji Dadao by Dongtai Lu

    021-6888 1234

    Lavish, lush European fine dining heading up by Chef Gerhard Passrugger with fantastic, nearly nosebleed views. A true treat for those for whom no expense must be spared. more»

  • M on the Bund

    7/F, No.5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, by Guangdong Lu
    ??ɽ??һ·??̲5??7¥, ???㶫·

    021-6350 9988

    This Bund pioneer serves up impeccable service and a menu peppered with Continental, Aussie and Moroccan inspiration. Try the pavlova for dessert. more»

  • Jean-Georges

    4/F, No.3 East Zhongshan No.1 Rd, by Guangdong Rd

    021-6321 7733

    Jean Georges first signature restaurant outside of New York and a classy one at that. Bringing us his signature French cuisine, with an Asian twist, this is one top-not restaurant, not to be missed. more»

  • Mr & Mrs Bund

    6/F Bund 18, Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, by Nanjing Dong Lu
    ??ɽ??һ·??̲18??6¥, ???Ͼ???·

    021-6323 9898

    Molecular madman Paul Pairet takes a more laissez-faire approach with this modern French eatery. Expect straightforward food and a great wine list. more»

  • Vue Restaurant

    30/F Hyatt on the Bund, 199 Huangpu Lu, by Wuchang Lu
    ????·199??, ?Ϻ???̲ï?ô??Ƶ???¥30 ¥, ??????·

    021-6393 1234 * 6328

    Enjoy classic European fare with one of the city??s best skyline views. more»

  • 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana

    Rockbund, Associate Mission Building. 6-7/F, 169 Yuanmingyuan Lu, by Beijing Dong Lu
    Բ??԰·169??6, 7¥, ????????·

    021-6087 2890

    An extension of the 3 Michelin Star venue (by the same name) in Hong Kong, Chef Bombana and Executive Chef Alan Yu create fantastic fine dining fare that will leave you both comforted and breathless. more»

  • Ambrosia

    2-3/F, 150 Fenyang Lu, by Yueyang Lu
    ????·150??2-3¥, ?????

    021-6431 3935

    Meet Shanghai??s fine-dining crowd for Japanese Teppanyaki in a European-style mansion. more»

  • Haiku by Hatsune

    28B Taojiang Lu, by Hengshan Lu
    ?ҽ?·28????, ????ɽ·

    021-6445 0021

    A perennial Readers?? Choice Award winner. This wildly popular restaurant is best known for it??s Cali-style sushi. more»

  • Kappo Yu

    33 Wuxing Lu, by Huaihai Zhong Lu
    ????·33??, ????????·

    021-6466 7855

    A beautiful high-end alternative to its sister restaurant, Sushi Oyama. There is only one daily menu of 10 courses that will set you back RMB690. Expect beautiful food and excellent service for the pr... more»