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  • The Bund

    Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, by Nanjing Dong Lu

    If you were to take a postcard snapshot of Shanghai, The Bund is where you'd go. Stately and taciturn, it comprises more than ten blocks of architectural relics from Shanghai’s days as a treaty port.... more»

  • Lu Jia Zui

    Shiji Da Dao (Avenue), by Lujiazui Huan Lu

    Across the Huangpu River, Lujiazui thrusts brazenly up to the heavens. 30 years ago, this district was nothing more than marshes and rice paddies. Today, it’s home to one of Asia’s most audacious sk... more»

  • Yu Garden

    Fuyou Lu, by Henan Nan Lu

    Once a colorful, cacophonous warren of lane houses, Shanghai’s old quarter has largely fallen victim to the wrecking ball. But the heart of it, the Yu Garden Bazaar, still remains largely intact. Thi... more»

  • Xintiandi

    Taicang Lu, by Huangpi Nan Lu

    Xintiandi marks a sea change in Shanghai’s urban development policies. Rather than razing a block of dilapidated shikumen, or “stone gate,” homes, the Shanghai government, in cooperation with real ... more»

  • The Former French Concession

    Hengshan Lu, by Dongping Lu

    In 1849, much of Shanghai was carved up and shared among the key colonial powers of Europe. Much of what is known today as the Xuhui and Huangpu districts went to the French. And while the concession ... more»

  • 10 Corso Como

    No.1717, Wheelock Square, West Nanjing Rd, by Huashan Rd

    021-6286 1018


  • Shanghai Disney Theme Park



  • Tianzifang

    Taikang Lu, by Sinan Lu

    Think of Tianzifang as Xintiandi’s more raucous and bohemian little brother. Like Xintiandi, Tianzifang began as a block of lane house residences falling into disrepair, destined for the bulldozer. B... more»

  • People's Square

    Renmin Da Dao (Avenue), by Xizang Zhong Lu

    What we know today as People’s Square began as, of all things, a horse racing track. When the Communist Party came into power in 1949, it sought to rid China of all perceived forms of Western decaden... more»

  • Sinan Mansions

    Sinan Lu, by Fuxing Zhong Lu

    The developers behind the Sinan Mansions have followed Xintiandi’s lead in a fusion of the past and the present. This enclave of villas was once home to Shanghai’s aristocracy. Premier Zhou Enlai ev... more»

  • The Jewish Refugees Museum

    No.62 Changyang Road, by Zhoushan Road

    021-6512 6669

    Known during World War II as the “Restricted Sector for Stateless Refugees,” this small square-mile in the district of Hongkou was a sanctuary for European Jews escaping persecution of the Nazis. At... more»

  • The Cool Docks

    505 Zhongshan Nan Lu, by Fuxing Dong Lu


  • Zhouzhuang

    Zhouzhuang town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

    0512-5721 1699


  • Zhujiajiao

    Zhujiajiao town, Qingpu District, Shanghai

    021-5924 0077


  • Naked Hub

    3/F, No.1237, Middle Fuxing Rd